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Double Stand in the New Section

Double Stand

Yesterday was my first day in the newest section at Flohmarkt am Mauerpark. The day started off with my thinking I was not going to get a stand at all. Then I saw that there was one available in the new section, and although I was warned that I didn’t really want a stand in the new section, I thought it was better than not having a stand at all.

I innocently set my stuff up. I started off at a completely different stand than those pictured above, but it was crazy CRAZY windy, and my neighbours insisted upon tying their roof the the back…legs? even though I kept telling them it was really dangerous and completely against the rules. If you tie the roof to the legs, it creates a parachute and the whole thing could blow off, and injure people. About an hour later, less maybe, the guy who had set up at the stand on the left, packed up and moved somewhere out of the whole section. Then the two people who were sharing the stand on the right asked if they could move to the free area in front, about where the picture was taken from. I decided maybe I’d have a better time away from the people who were trying to fly off to Oz and two stands are always better than one, especially when I only have to pay for one. Who doesn’t like a 2 for 1 deal?!

I don’t think I’ve ever moved my entire set up before, and I’m sure had I started with two stands I would’ve done a better job, aesthetically. However the process kept me busy, and distracted from worrying about the world blowing away to Munchkinland, and it did help to save what would otherwise have been a better day spent in bed reading.

I learned a very important lesson, I will never take a stand in this section again. There’s no flow, it might be okay for the people selling “junk” but the area has no natural flow, and it’s a little like being in a blackhole…also, I should learn to listen to the wisdom of others.


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