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Reusing Swatch Books

New Pocket
A friend of mine gave me a couple of upholstery swatch books about a month ago. Initially, I had no idea what to do with them, because the fabric pieces seemed too small to do anything with. But the fabric is really nice, and the environmentalist in me doesn’t like to throw perfectly good things away. So I took the books apart in order to play with the fabric, and inspiration struck when I realized that if I sewed two swatches together they are the same size as my small pocket pattern. As a bonus, I’d been considering making smaller pockets in simpler fabric.

I’ve now made a bunch of the new pockets, sold a few, and alleviated my concerns about what to do when I run out of swatches. A woman that I was talking to at the market last week told me her daughter was doing some sort of school project, and needed swatch books, so she drove around to furniture stores, and they were happy to have her take their old books rather then to toss them in the trash.

I’m going to try that, and then maybe I’ll start making larger bags, or pillows, it all depends on what kinds of fabrics I can find.

I’m very excited about this new project.



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