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Womens T-Shirts!

Stella Loves

Although technically I started printing on womens shirts last summer – when I first printed on tank tops – yesterday was the first time I ordered womens t-shirts. I went for a basic medium fit tee, but with a scoop neck, because I get a lot of people saying they don’t like the high neck of your classic t-shirt.

At first I had eight colours on my list: burgundy, bottle green, navy, opal, dark heather indigo, walnut, khaki and black. Then I narrowed it down to three for a test run, burgundy, bottle green and opal, but BLACK, how could I not order black?! So I ended up with burgundy, opal and black. Here’s hoping all goes well, ‘cos I really want to order those other colours, they’re pretty.

Stella Flies
I also decided to try more of a non-standard t-shirt, because, well, I thought they looked really comfortable, stylish, and good for summer – they don’t appear to come in black, and the dark grey I initially wanted isn’t available in medium until September, so I went for ocean depth and heather ash.

Really excited for them to arrive…

Have I mentioned I love trying new things


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