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New Tent

New Tent

I’ve replaced my modified green tent stand with a 2m by 2m white tent, and this was the first time I set it up with a roof. I’m still working on the perfect layout, and I actually moved the tripod that holds the magnets so that it was over the crate, in front of the tank tops. I’m always worried about people tripping over the legs – which I did later when I was moving things around to keep out of the rain.

I quite like the new tent, and next time I will bring two of the four walls and a maybe a clothes rack, although I like how most everything is attached to the tent itself. I thought it would be cool, when I use the walls, if they were screenprinted with my designs, and I started to print on the walls, but the ink didn’t seem to dry, so I stopped and will check to see if it holds, maybe because the material is waterproof, it won’t let my usual ink set, but I’m sure there’s an ink that would work. Probably I could even use spray paint, and stencils – it would be cool to have Tribe of E on the tent somewhere, and it’s only now, looking at the photo that I realize I forgot to hang my banner. I honestly don’t know where I would’ve put it, so I guess that’s how I forgot.

I had been worried that with the roof on people wouldn’t be able to see everything as well, but it’s not too bad. Still, it would be awesome if I could print the walls and roof, and I’ve become to accustomed to getting a stand, that I really wish I had a small table of some sort.

Lastly, I should mention how nice it was to be up in the front of the market again, I like it up there, and I’m even toying with the idea of arriving earlier in the morning, although it’s been my experience that it doesn’t really make much difference.


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