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Cosmetic, Toiletry, Art Supply Waterproof Bags FINALLY added to my shop!

Doctor Who Bags

I have finally posted new product pages for the cosmetic & toiletry bags, also known as “the keep anything you want in them ‘cos they’re really cool and waterproof” bags – or I will before the day is through since I successfully managed to get “make new bags and take photos of said bags” to the top of my neverending to-do list!


Simply put, once I get photos done, I’m usually pretty good about getting them up here, and it helps that the Mauerpark Flohmarkt is closed today and next Sunday, which means instead of concentrating on keeping my stock up to date – which, admittedly bumps other things down on my list, ‘cos a girls gotta eat (*^_^*) I can focus on doing things online and making things that I love!

Star Wars Bags

With that in mind, I should really be writing product descriptions, editing photos, creating products pages and uploading all of the above instead of writing about how I’m going to do that.

Here’s to it.


And remember, celebrate your inner geek, you’re awesome!


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